About Meeknest

Meeknest is the driving force behind the concept of sophisticated, elegant, on-trend, high-quality home decor and furniture.


  • We are trend aware, offering the latest pieces that will flawlessly bring style and comfort to your home.
  • We curate homeware into collections because MEEKNEST is the brand that we want you to associate with high quality, on-trend homeware pieces curated in a manner that allows you to quickly get the look you desire.
  • We focus all of our time and efforts on you. You are the most important piece in our jigsaw, and your happiness is paramount. We will do all we can to ensure your experience shopping with us is a delight.   That is why we offer a generous returns policy and excellent customer service.


If we were to summarise our way of thinking into a short sentence, it would probably be this;


"A trend-conscious homeware designer and retailer, who at their heart – endeavor to give their customers the best."



The Team

Being a small team, our business is personal and we're truly passionate about every aspect of everything we do.  This places us in an ideal position within the home retail sector because we can be personal, we can care and create a relationship with the communities and be a face among faceless corporations.  

We do not have investors, so each and every decision can be about keeping you happy.  We can go the extra mile, and we can take a chance on a trend that investors in bigger companies would not allow.  The benefits are endless for ourselves, but also for you.

Another advantage of being a small business is that we won't get lost among different ideas from different people.  We know exactly what we want to offer with MEEKNEST, we know exactly what the brand should be.  


MeekNest is the operating name of MEEKNEST LIMITED, a private limited liability company.

Company number: 11037560
Registered in England
Richmond Street,



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